Our first Welcome Project Graduates

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Could this be you?

This is exciting…. the wonderful people in our Welcome Project are graduating, and joining the main band.

During 2018, Oakleigh Brass members Dan and Claire shared their musical expertise to encourage new ensemble skills.

We asked our new graduates about their experience:

“I first joined the Welcome Project at Oakleigh Brass Band in February 2018.  Prior to joining, I had never played a brass instrument or played music in a band.   The Welcome Project has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn a new instrument, in a friendly, non-intimidating environment and I’ve been able to appreciate music from a different perspective.   Everyone is very friendly and it is a lot of fun!”

“I’m impressed with the level of effort the band in general, and the organisers of the Welcome Project in particular, have put in to make it easy for new people to participate and learn.”

“I joined the Welcome Project with a very rusty memory of reading music and absolutely no brass instruments experience. I loved the open and friendly atmosphere, with other adult beginners who all struggled at times, and I’ve have astonished myself by actually being able to play the Tuba. I’m looking forward to joining the main band. Even though the music will be a challenge, it’s great to be able to learn as you go and get help when you need it.”

“As an adult beginner, the Welcome Project has been a lovely introduction to learning a new instrument and to playing in a band. The teachers have been very encouraging and supportive and the pace and level of pieces we learn and practice are quite suitable for beginners. Working within a small group is comfortable and the opportunity to stay later and join in with the regular band provides the opportunity to try it out and challenge yourself whenever you feel ready for it.”




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